A Material Difference in Retrieval Bags

Global Medical Partners is the exclusive U.S. distributor of EcoSac and MasterSac retrieval bags from Espiner Medical.

Espiner products provide the durability, flexibility, and ease of use laparoscopic surgeons need at a price that beats less versatile alternatives.

Both products offer features that streamline laparoscopic procedures:

  • Rip-stop nylon
    • Won’t tear—even if punctured with scissors or cautery
    • Polyurethane coating prevents leaking
    • Sac becomes translucent when wet for greater visibility
    • Can be reused multiple times in same procedure
  • High contrast black stitching for clear view of mouth opening
  • Stitched, not glued, seams withstand substantial pressure without bursting
  • Monofilament drawstring closes securely and can be reopened
  • Multiple sizes and shapes for a wide range of procedures

EcoSac: No Delivery System Required

  • Opens automatically and stays open
  • Can be manipulated and retrieved with standard 5mm grasper
  • No large, plastic mechanical delivery system to store or dispose of
  • Colored tabs to easily manipulate and orient the bag

MasterSac: Innovative Delivery System takes Traditional Design to New Levels

  • Flexible plastic arms deploy and automatically open bag
  • Ergonomic hand piece features gated thumb ring that easily releases the drawstring
  • Rubber lines grip optimizes traction, even with slippery gloves

See EcoSac in Action

EcoSac used in Laparoscopic CholecystectomyEcoSac used in Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy
In this video, even though the surgeon has not become efficient at placing and positioning the Ecosac, he executes insertion, loading, and trouble-free removal in under a minute. Watch the video.Watch the video.

Robotic Prostate RemovalRobotic Prostate Removal
This short video demonstrates the ease of use of EcoSac during prostate removal. Watch the video.Watch the video.

Multiple Morcellation Containment MethodsMultiple Morcellation Containment Methods
Dr. Howard Groves – manaul morcellation…vaginal extraction and mini-lap extraction. Watch the video.Watch the video.

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